Sunday, April 28, 2013

C4T #4 Summary

Post #1
Kelly Hines' blog Keeping Kids First talks about a pencil metaphor that someone created to describe how people embrace technology. Each part of the pencil represents the different ways people respond to technology. A few examples are the hangers-on, the wood, and the lead. The hangers-on know the lingo but just do not actually do anything to help. The wood are the people that would use technology if someone would give them the gear, set it up, train them, and keep it running. The lead represents the people that are the first to take on the technology.
My response to her post:
I introduced myself and told her I was from the University of South Alabama in EDM 310. I told her how interesting I thought her blog was. I have seen many metaphors but this one seemed the most accurate and interesting to me. Many times during my college years I have found myself at each stage. Well each stage except the lead stage. I told her that I was excited to follow her blog as I receive my degree and begin to teach.

Post #2
Kelly Hines has decided to take a fresh start this year with a new blog In the Trenches. There is an article about Techy Ice-breakers. It talks about how ice breakers are a great way to start a class and shouldn't be reserved for the first hour of anything. I went on to read the article at Educators Technology. It gave ten techy ice breakers for the twenty-first century teachers.
My response to her post:
I told Mrs. Hines that I love ice breakers and plan to use them in my classroom. Ice breakers can be used in the beginning of the school year to allow students to get comfortable with each other. They can be used all during the day and school year to get students motivated during lessons.

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