Sunday, April 14, 2013

Blog Post #12

Part #1 Create an Assignment
Watch You Can't Be My Teacher by Darren Cannell. Make a quality post stating your thoughts of the video. Do you think that you will be ready to be someone’s teacher?

Part #2 Do the Assignment
The video is short, cute, and to the point. I like how it is set up. I like that it is actually a child in the video. He is stating his feelings. He wants his teacher to be technologically literate. He wants to know that his teacher will know about the internet and internet safety. Students of all ages are very interested in the internet. We need to show them everything that is available to better their education. We do not need to be that teacher that is scared of the internet or the one that just simply over looks it because we did not have it in first grade. We owe it to our students to find the best possible way for them to learn. I believe today that includes technology. I hope to be technologically literate by the time I begin to teach. I will not know everything that is out there for my students but will continue to learn.

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  1. Hi Marie-I think the assignment you created is awesome! After reading what you said about the video I felt compelled to watch it for myself. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it; the meaning behind it presents an important issue in todays classroom and that is technology. Many educators are either stubborn or intimidated by the use of technology in class, but I agree that we need to look into every resource possible for our students. After all, one of our main goals is to promote learning in the classroom; therefore we must be willing to do some learning ourselves. Especially if it s bettering our students education.

    Great Post!
    Abigail Mularz