Thursday, February 7, 2013

Special Blog Post #1

Many Students Misinterpreted the Data in Did You Know?

I found the WolframAlpha website to be very interesting. I found out that China is the most populated country at 1.35 billion people with India being second at 1.21 billion people. The United States ranks third by population with 309 million people. The facts from the video show the population difference of the two top ranking countries to the third top ranking country. Knowing the population difference I would hope that their numbers are bigger on some calculations.

I did a comparison of the population in Mississippi and Alabama with a college degree or above. Only 28.6% of Alabama’s population has a college degree or higher while 27.1% of Mississippi’s population has a college degree or higher. Those numbers to me are very low. I wish more people had the opportunity to continue their education. I also did a comparison of Mississippi and Alabama’s population. The population in Mississippi is 2.979 million people. Alabama has 4.803 million people.

WolframAlpha is very useful for anyone needing to look up anything. I found it very interesting that you can compare anything even apples and oranges. We often do not think about how many people actually live in the world. The world population is 6.79 billion with a life expectancy of 64.8 years. This website will tell you anything like that. I would like for my students to use this website at least once a week.

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This was also very interesting to me. I sat there amazed as I watched the numbers change so very fast. I was amazed but at the same time knowing how many people live in the world not that surprised. This goes to show us how fast technology is. We as teachers must stay up to date with everything when it comes to technology. Our students will be eager to learn the newest bit of technology available and we must be there to teach it to them.

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