Sunday, February 24, 2013

Project #10 Finding the Right Tool
I found many websites to add to my PLN this week. I really enjoyed It offers help to the teacher, students, and the parents. The teacher can find lesson plans, print outs, interactive for the students, and many more useful tools. The teachers find strategy guides to help them teach different techniques. The website allows you to search by grade level, learning objectives, and theme. There is a section for parents and after school activities. The students can get extra practice and even play games to reinforce the lessons they learned. There are projects and activities for the students.
I really enjoyed this website. My degree will be in elementary education meaning that I will be placed in the grade level that is available. This website allows you to search for any grade level. Since my grade level will most likely change often I can continue to use this same website, as well as others, often. I plan on using the activities on this website for my son that is in the fourth grade.

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