Sunday, February 3, 2013

Blog Post #3

Peer Editing
Peer editing is something that I plan on using in my classroom. I feel that if you use the techniques that Paige Ellis uses then you can be very helpful. I like that she starts off with compliments. I feel that if you start with being positive that your peers will be likely to listen to your ideas and opinions. Suggestions are always a good thing also. If you feel someone hasn’t done something just right I believe you should have suggestions to offer on how to improve it. Corrections can sound rude to someone if you aren’t positive and polite when you offer them. I do not feel comfortable in correcting someone openly about their mistakes so I will stick to private messaging on those issues.

Assistive Technologies
I enjoyed learning about the assistive technologies. I was amazed at the Mountbatten and the way they used the iPad to teach the vision and hearing impaired students. They are many different apps out there to help them learn. I really liked how the in one video the mom was learning to use the iPad as her child does. It is hard for impaired students to learn but sometimes t is even harder for us to realize how hard it is for them until we put ourselves in their situation. As a teacher I will take the time to research and understand the impairments that a child has in my classroom. I feel that before you try to teach someone with an impairment you should first understand their impairment. I will keep up with the latest devices and support to be able to help them reach their fullest potential.

Digital Smarts
Vicki Davis has her rural area students communicating with people all over the world. This is amazing. When I was in high school I remember taking a computer class but it was nothing like this. She teaches them about wikis, podcast, blogging, and many other media tools. I feel so far behind the college students of today because I was not taught these things in high school. I will admit all of this new technology is intimidating to me. I am not sure how to use it and I am sometimes embarrassed to ask for help. I want to use every piece of available technology that I can in my classroom. I want my students to be up to date on their technology skills so they don’t fell left behind.

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  1. "...ask for help." Essential if you want to learn.


    Thoughtful. Interesting.