Sunday, February 10, 2013

C4T #1 Post and Comment

C4T #1 Comment #1
Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano’s blogersphere is called Langwitches. Learning in the Classroom Part 2 is the first post I read. She is teaching her students about collaborating, participating, communicating and creating. The students learned about Mike Fisher, a poet. The students were assigned a poem to illustrate. They were able to learn about skyping when they skyped with Mr. Fisher about their individual poems. They were given the opportunity to ask him detail questions about their poems so that they can fully understand what it means. While the students were asking questions other students were tweeting about the skype call. Some students were creating Google documents to share about the call. It was very interactive. The students were learning many techniques at one time.

I was very impressed that the students were figuring out how to use Skype. The students were learning to tweet and learning how to do it correctly. They were also opening, creating, and sharing documents. I am amazed at how technologically advanced they are. They are completing tasks that I am just now beginning to figure out.

C4T #1 Comment #2
The second post from Langwitches was Assessment in the Modern Classroom Part Three - Blog Writing. This post was explaining that she uses a rubric to grade the blog post that the students post. She still expects the students to have correct writing skills by using a traditional writing assessment. The students are to post pictures and the pictures must support the content of the post. The post must be fluid and detailed. The students are required to post to blogs and they are still at times expected to write in their paper based journals.

I hadn’t thought about using a rubric to grade a post but I feel that it is most likely the easiest way. I was excited to see that the students at times are still required to write in their paper based journal. I really like and enjoy technology but feel that students should be taught how to write and use writing skills.

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