Friday, March 8, 2013

C4T #2 Post and Comment Summary

C4T#2 Comment #1

Amanda Ooten is a science teacher at Catholic High School in Ohio. The teacher was discussing how she has flipped her Honors Biology classroom. The students are adjusting very well. She is also an active member on her schools technology committee. She is hoping in the next two years for each student to have their own device.  Since they are a private school she is hoping to help find grants to help her school.
I commented to Amanda that I was still learning about the flipped classroom technique.  I believe that the flipped classroom will help the parents or caregivers help the students.  The caregivers are able to watch the lessons the students are assigned. Technology is a big deal in education these days and it would be great for every student to be able to have their own device.     

C4T#2 Comment #2
Mrs. Ooten talked about her flipped Honors Biology class.  When school started she went 100% with it.  The students in reality were struggling with the work.  A few weeks into the class she realized the students were overwhelmed.  She decided she needed to make it flipped 50% of the time since it is an honors class.  They still watched the videos and had discussions but at times she still lectures.  She has seen an increase in students emailing and coming before/after class to ask for help. I commented on how I liked her lecture time. She has the students in groups and the discuss and ask each other questions.  It is more of a whole class lecture. The students are very interactive with lectures. I really enjoyed her posts because she was willing to admit that she had to kind of do a trial and error.  She went into it full out and realized her students needs and worked with what helped them the best.

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