Sunday, March 10, 2013

C4K Summary for February

Detric wrote just a few sentences. He said he saw the birds gliding, a man taking a picture, and he saw ice cream.  I told him I imagine that the sails are very colorful.  I asked him his favorite ice cream flavor. I told him I think he was looking at a picture of the beach or a pier.

Benniasia is eight years old.  She is in Ms Mckeller’s third grade class. She has six brothers. She has a dog and wants to be a dog modeler when she grows up so that she will have the best life. I couldn’t imagine have six brothers. I told her about our dog Ringo. I told her happy birthday since it was close to her birthday.

Lukis is a fifth grade student in Aukland, New Zealand. He made a netbook presentation about himself. I really enjoyed seeing his presentation. It was like our about me video. He likes pizza, sports, and music. I told him I like pizza and asked him his favorite toppings. I told him about the music I like also. I told him how much I enjoyed his presentation.

Ameer is from Miss Mac’s Outstanding Owls.  She likes Bugs Bunny.  She did research on him and found out many facts. She asked if we knew how old Looney Tunes were.  I told her about me being able to meet Bugs Bunny at Six Flags over Georgia.  I told her how nice he is and hope that she can meet him one day.

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